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首页 > 公司介绍

        广州迪冠水处理设备有限公司是一家港资水处理设备及工程公司 , 总公司成立于1991年 , 从事全面水处理系统工程 , 集设计、安装、调试及售后服务于一体的水处理工程公司 , 是华南地区最具规模及最早从事水处理行业公司之一 , 1997年迪亚于广州成立分公司广州迪亚水处理设备有限公司 ,并于2011年因配合业务发展之需要而转名为广州迪冠水处理设备有限公司。
       多年来 , 公司一直致力于专业及科技发展 , 在国内水处理行业普遍“国产化“的大环境下,迪亚公司始终保持着代理及使用多家外国知名品牌産品 , 是目前为止少数依然提供原装进口设备及材料的水处理公司 , 凭着二十多年水处理工作经验技术 ,“ 迪亚”在应对各行业客户需求都可以为客户提供完善的水处理方案 。服务范围包括 : 玻璃、饮料、半导体、电厂、制药、电子、酒店、游泳池、锅炉、食品、医疗卫生、化妆品及电镀等行业 。

        本公司主要经营由美国进口"Pentek"过滤器、"AFL"过滤芯、"DINEC"沙缸、活性碳缸、"Culligan"软水机、双床及混床纯水机、反渗透系统、EDI超纯水系统、氯气机、"BLUE-WHITE"流量计及各类水泵、"BLUE-WHITE"加药泵、紫外光杀菌器、"SYBRON"树脂、RO薄膜、臭氧系统、TOC消灭器、超滤系统"MYRON L"水质测试仪等。


       Guangzhou DINEC Water Treatment Equipment Co. Ltd. is a wholly owned subsidiary of DI and Environmental Control Co. Ltd., Hong Kong (DINEC), which is founded in 1991. It is a high-tech enterprise that specializes in water treatment system’s designing, installation, technical supporting with good after-sales service. Besides, it is one of the earliest established water-treatment companies in southern China.

       Over the years, we have been concentrating on expertise and technology development. Despite of the popularity of “using Domestic-made products” in China, DINEC has consistently been acting as an agent and user of imported water treatment equipments with well-known brand names. Hence, DINEC is quite specific and unique in this industry for its continuous adopting original imported equipments and materials. Through more than 20 years' accumulated experience, we have won a good reputation from customers in providing comprehensive and cost effective water treatment solutions in accordance with customer needs. Its scope of services includes applications on the various industries: glasses, food and beverages, semi-conductors, electroplating, power plant, pharmaceutics, electronics, hotels, swimming pools, boilers, health services, rain water recycling, cosmetics and PCB etc.

       Our company mainly provides quality water treatment equipments such as Filter Housings, Filter Cartridges, Sand Filters, Carbon Filters, Softeners, Twin and Mixed Bed Deionizers, Reverse Osmosis System, EDI, Ultrapure Water System, Electrochlorinators System, Flow meters, Water Pump, Dosing Pump, UV Sterilizer, Ion Exchange Resin, RO Membrane, Ozone Generators, TOC Reducer, UF and water quality testing instruments etc.

       DINEC’s corporate philosophy is to strive for customer satisfaction and quality excellence. We firmly believed that only with high-tech and professional service, excellent engineering design as well as the greatest customer satisfaction could establish a long-term relationship with our customers. Welcome for enquiries.

PENTEK CRYSTAL-FINE AFL Aquafine Bayer Blue-white culligam DINEC DOW ELOCTROPURE_ED GF HACH lamotte LANXESS marathon myronl OEOSMONCS Pentair_Water siata SYBRON UAT WEDECO

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